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Supporting teens
and those who love them

Being a teen can be tough. Being the parent of a teen can be tougher. Everyone, no matter how young or how old, needs a safe place to process life's stressors. A casual and safe atmosphere where one can feel heard, validated, and gain clarity as they seek to live their best life.


As I life coach, and a mom of teens, I specialize in keep'n it real. Nope, this isn't an easy life stage for anyone (despite what social media would like you to believe). Your child is NOT the only one struggling to fit in, seeking independance, overwhelmed by the pressures of life and struggling to cope with it all. Likewise, parents you may struggle with your teen's choices and your "inability" to control thier choices. You are overwhemed, desperate to raise successful kids but you are trying to do so while balancing your own personal struggles. When the world of "overwhelmed teen" meets the world of "overwhelmed parent" the end result may be detrimental to all involved. Having a place to unload, gain insight, learn new coping skills, and leave refreshed could be what is needed to allow this season of life to move from surviving to thriving. 



My teen years were difficult. I needed someone to talk to, to process life with, and help me to understand myself. I wanted someone that felt authentic, that could validate my feelings, yet point me towards better outcomes. I wanted to talk to someone that felt like a friend yet had the wisdom of an adult. 


My desire to support teens comes from the isolation I felt as a teen and the desire to make sure that no one ever feels that way.

My approach is casual.

My approach is casual. I understand that clients may be at veraous stages in their journey and I take that into consideration as I help them navigate the obstacles to their goal. I pay attention to the things that are both said, and not said, to help them discern "next steps". The client sets the pace, the client sets the goals, I help them achieve the disired outcome. 




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I met Mrs. Smith when iin High School and I remember I thought the world was coming down on me and Mrs. Smith was who I was sent too.  I was reluctant and I hated talking to people about how I felt. Mrs. Smith was different though, she talked to me about so many things and I had never felt so comfortable in my life. I struggled in my faith, with my family, and with who I was as a man. The greatest thing I can say about her is that I was never forced to do anything.  The information and scripture she gave me wasn’t crammed down my throat.  Mrs. Smith gave me her personal life stories and related them to mine.  She challenged me to go find the word on my own and she let me see everyday how Christ impacted her life. She was the greatest role model I have had!  Now I can proudly say I have graduated High School and joined the military.  My relationship with God has tremendously changed, my relationship with my family is 1000x better, and I can proudly say that I have learned what a real man is. Mrs. Smith was the baseline for all of this and she continues to support me in everything, always inviting me to church, constantly keeping in touch with me, and is always praying for me. I would not be where I am in life right now if it wasn’t for her.


—  Taylor M, high school student

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