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Supporting teens and those who love them

Kids are slipping through the cracks as they navigate pressures and expectations. Suicides are at an all time high and teens need more than a short term fix. They need to be heard, they need to be validated, they need coping skills, and they need to know that its ok to not be ok. I coach both teens (well, actually 3rd grade and up) and those who love them (a.k.a. parents and guardians). I pay attention to things that are both said, verbally and non-verbally, to help them discern “next steps”. My clients set the pace, they determine their goals, I help them achieve freedom and clarity as they accomplish thier goals.

"Coaching can be a blessing because many teens don’t feel comfortable talking with their parents or even their closest friends." ~Ronin, teen client
Coaching for Teens

Being a teen is never easy. Throw in social media, stress, grief, relationships, family, school, a lack of coping skills and you've likely got a teen that you don’t know what to do with. Truth is, they probably don’t know what to do with themselves. It can be helpful for teens to talk through the things overwhelming them. It is often during these times that they will gain clarity on how to work through feelings and learn to proactively participate in a resolution. Doing so allows them to feel empowered and equips them with the coping skills to implement when they are presented with similar feelings. 

Coaching for Parents

Let’s be honest...don’t we all wish our kids came with an instruction manual? We’ve got one shot at this parenting thing and sometimes we need all the support we can get. Another perspective, a new approach, a place to grow in your awareness of what is “working” and what is not working. Together, we’ll entertain what hills to die on and explore what you can let go of. I’ll help you gain clarity and support as you do your best to raise your teen.


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